Recycling Inkjet Cartridges Saves Natural Resources

by Joe Rogers

Recycling empty inkjet cartridges is an easy way for you to help to reduce the impact on our environment.

Here the top 5 reasons to recycle your empty inkjet cartridges.

First of all, each cartridge that is recycled saves almost 3 pounds of natural resources associated with the production of a new cartridge.

Next, an average inkjet cartridge takes an average of 3.5 oz. of oil to be manufactured. With the worldwide demand for oil on the rise and supplies shrinking, a little effort can make a significant impact over time.

The third reason you should recycle or reuse your empty inkjet cartridges is to reduce the strain on local landfills. An inkjet cartridge does not biodegrade in a landfill, as other waste will over time. Once a cartridge is discarded, it will be there for several hundred years. It is estimated that over 300 million printer cartridges are disposed of in landfills annually. That creates 75,000 tons of waste each year, which is equal in weight to more than 30,500 African Elephants!

The forth reason is the buying remanufactured (recycled) inkjet cartridges continue money. Recycling your empty cartridges provides empty cores to cartridge remanufacturing companies that in turn, professionally refill and sell to users at a discounted price. Consumers will see the same reliability, performance and quality as using an original brand OEM cartridge but at a lower cost.

Lastly, recycling your empty inkjet cartridges is relatively easy. In fact, a lots of companies that offer remanufactured cartridges have their own recycling programs.

One of the ways for printer owners to recycle inkjet cartridges is through the use of postage paid return envelopes that are sometimes included with an online inkjet cartridge purchase.

A return mailer (recycle envelope) is usually a self-sealing plastic bag that is pre-addressed to a recycling company. The consumer puts their empty inkjet cartridge into the bag, seals it, and drops it off at a post office or any mailbox. The postage is already taken care of, and the whole process takes just a few seconds.

Another method of recycling is through the use of an inkjet cartridge refilling service such as the Jetpak mailer program.

Here's how the Jetpak mailer program works. First, you purchase a Jetpak prepaid mailer. Once your cartridge runs out of ink, you simply place your empty cartridge into the plastic bag provided, include your return address, and drop it in the mail. Once the refilling company receives your mailer, they will professionally inspect, clean, and refill your cartridge. They will run a print test, and if everything checks at OK they will mail it back to you. If the cartridge does not pass their print test, they will mail you a credit voucher to return another empty cartridge free of charge.

In about a week the customer will receive their refilled cartridge back, and will enjoy a good savings versus buying a new cartridge and reduce the strain on our environment in the process.

Why recycle? Why not recycle?

It saves you money, saves natural resources, reduces the amount of garbage produced, and is the right thing to do for our environment.

Just because an empty inkjet cartridge is out of ink, doesn't mean it's broken.

It just means that its prime for recycling.